Tuesday, 27 November 2018

There is power in Living Without Compromise

That's why individuals with serious to extensive hearing loss require a hearing instrument that is purpose-built to fit their way of life. They require 360 ™.
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Power. Uncompromised.

A serious to extensive hearing loss needs robust power. 360 supplies all the functional power needed to attain optimum audibility and sound awareness, while guaranteeing convenience and high approval for skilled users.

  • Robust Power: Fits hearing loss as much as 120 dB, with a remarkable peak output of 141 dB SPL and peak gain of 82 dB SPL (2 cc).
  • Advanced Feedback Management: Geared up with the market's leading feedback management system, 360 supplies more functional gain prior to the start of feedback.

Advanced Characteristics for Serious to Profound Loss.

360 constructs on the success of innovations that have actually shown reliable for other degrees of hearing loss. Customizing these ingenious functions for the incredibly power customer while keeping the power needed to fulfill your customers particular requirements.

  • Including speech improvement SP: adaptive innovation created to use and find improvement to speech where it is required, enhancing clearness and ease of listening.
  • AutoPro2 ™: uses a directional microphone to efficiently shift in between 2 individually fitted locations without jeopardizing sound awareness.
  • AntiShock ™: removes pain from abrupt impulse sounds without affecting speech or ecological awareness.
  • Bass Enhancer: developed for 360 customers who need improved output in radio frequencies to increase volume understanding.
  • Sound Decrease: determines and selectively lowers gain in bands where sound is dominant over speech.
  • Smart Control: a push-button control alternative to offer customers with discreet and simple gain access to for changing settings.

Developed Difficult to Keep Up.Proven Enviro-Tough ™, with dependability and resilience for even the most requiring requirements of extreme to extensive users of all ages; no compromise needed. Checking likewise showed that 360 is long lasting enough to withstand long-lasting, recurring usage of controls and effect on tough surface areas.